Collingsworth General Hospital

Collingsworth General Hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare through a team of dedicated medical providers and caring staff.

Serving the Texas Panhandle for over 80 Years, Collingsworth General is a Critical Access hospital located in Wellington, Texas, approximately 100 miles and 2 hours southeast of Amarillo, Texas, and 167 miles and 3 hours northeast of Lubbock, Texas. The hospital is licensed for 13 inpatient acute care beds, all of which may be used as "swing beds"or skilled nursing beds.

The hospital is designated a Level IV Trauma Center, providing emergency services for the residents of Collingsworth and surrounding counties.In addition, area residents can obtain a wide range services at the hospital minimizing the need to travel long distances for healthcare. These services include: physical therapy, general radiology, CT imaging, mobile MRI services, laboratory services and nutrition counseling.

Throughout its history, ownership of CGH has changed to reflect the needs and demands of the ever changing healthcare environment. The first hospital was located in a two-story house until 1935 when Dr. E.W. Jones built a new hospital next door. After several years, Dr. Jones found it difficult to maintain the operations of the hospital and in March 1938 transferred ownership to the Community of Sisters.  Shortly after, four Sisters set out for the unknown territory of the Texas Panhandle and were welcomed with open arms by the doctors and their families.

Unfamiliar with the Community of Sisters and their work, it was difficult for the residents of Collingsworth County to fully accept the Sisters. Many patients who were able to leave the hospital after the Sisters arrived choose to do so at that time. Eventually the Sisters were accepted by the community and the hospital began to operate as a fully functioning healthcare facility for the benefit of the Texas Panhandle community residents and their families.

The first set of triplets was born in Collingsworth County on November 6, 1941, and around 1945 the first X-ray machine was installed in the hospital. Collingsworth County was not immune to the racial tensions occurring across the country during this era. Segregation was a part of hospital operations in all departments including the maternity ward.

In 1951, the Sisters built an expansion to the hospital and in 1963 more new construction yielded a two-story addition. The expansion included a new surgery suite, several semi-private patient rooms and a nursery. This was a big step in the hospital's history because the new construction gained the attention and approval of the American College of Surgeons in meeting expectations set forth for hospitals performing surgery.

With the support of the community, the Collingsworth County Hospital District (CCHD) assumed responsibility for the hospital in 1972, successfully guiding hospital operations for another 32 years. In 2004, faced with significant turnover among administration and the medical staff, and declines in utilization and financial performance, the CCHD reached out to Preferred Management Corporation (Preferred) to lease the hospital and restore staffing and financial stability.

The community has always supported the need for a locally based hospital and team of medical professionals dedicated to the delivery of quality healthcare. When the Hospital District fell on hard times, the community stepped forward and raised $260,000 in less than two months to keep the hospital open.

In 2008, recognizing the deficiencies of the 50-plus year old buildings, the Hospital District secured the approval of county voters for a $6.245 million bond issue to construct an 11,857 square foot addition to the hospital including a new inpatient unit and emergency department. The addition provided accessible inpatient facilities for acute care and skilled nursing patients and allowed for the provision of state-of-the-art emergency services. Funds were also used to construct a new 6,891 square foot Collingsworth Family Medicine clinic building.

Throughout the years in the different facilities that housed the hospital, the one thing that has remained constant for Collingsworth General Hospital is that there have always been medical providers and hospital staff dedicated to the delivery of high quality healthcare close to home for the Collingsworth County community with listening, sharing and healing as top priorities.